About OCC

“Whatever its imperfections, in Cuba the poor have not been held in contempt; they have been empowered. Which is different from being made wealthy in a capitalist sense, and more lasting. A healthy body, a well trained mind, a sense of solidarity with one’s people is harder to lose than a million dollars and offers more security. This empower-ment of the poor: literacy, good health, adequate housing, freedom from ignorance, is the work of everyone of conscience …. Cuba has led the way, and is an object lesson to us.”

—Alice Walker


History and Mission

Ottawa-Cuba Connections was established in 1993 to promote closer ties between the peoples of Canada and Cuba. We acknowledge the gains of the Cuban revolution in many areas, including health, culture, women’s rights, democracy and education. And we denounce the U.S.economic blockade against Cuba, an illegal and immoral policy that causes the Cuban people severe economic hardship.

A CNC Member Group

We are a founding member of a new national Cuba Solidarity organization, the Canadian Network on Cuba (www.canadiannetworkoncuba.ca), working with individuals and Cuba solidarity groups across Canada and around the world who share our goals.